Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mooncake Festival Party

I'm going to organise a mooncake festival party at my house this coming Sat.

I've to get food to feed 10 paxs including RY and myself (it should consist of mum, 2nd sis, 4th sis and family and 5th sis & siew mun zai).
I inted to get finger food for the dinner -4 large pizza, 3 boxes of mooncake (yam, durian and a fusion flavour), chips, drinks etc.

Dinner should start at 7pm and then proceed to garden to play with lantern kids.

Why do I suddenly wanna organise a party?
My 2nd baby is supposed to be due on 9 Sept this month and Oct supposed to be her full moon celebration.
So I'd like to have a party to sort of "remember" the joy of my pregnancy wen I carried her and at the same time, try to instill some happy mood to cheer myself up.

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