Thursday, September 3, 2009

Looking and feeling good

Last Tue, I went to do hair henna, half leg/ arm waxing & eyebrow threading at Little India.
Before that I went to pray at the Guan Yin temple - pray that my 3 poor babies (m/c and not able to be delivered successfully) can rest in peace in heaven.

RY was in good mood, he came to Little India to bring me eat Bak Kuet Teh at Jalan Sultan area - Liang Ji.
It rained heavily and we dashed back to the car so that he can drop me off at the salon to let me continue steaming my hair.
The whole beatifying processs only finished at 3.30pm, so I called RY to fetch me home.

Instead of going home, I made a last min appointment with my beactician at Tech Whye to do facial.
I was too greedy and did full body massage too ..........
My beautician commented that I've water retention and lots of wind in my stomach, I didnt tell her that I m/c cos she didnt know I was preggy.

The massage really made me feel good and very relaxing ........
Hope to do another session end of this month.

But the feel good session cost me a bomb - hair + waxing + threading = $110/= and the facial cum body massage cost me $170.

Then yesterday, Wed, I did another "feel good" act - I did pedicure and  also cut my long straight hair which I've for the last 10 years .......... into layered bob ............

In the morning I went to the skin doc to check on my eczema and then to chinese physician to "tio" my body (he gave me 4 big bottles of liquid mixtures to consume for the next 12 days).
After doc consultation, it was only 11am, so I took a bus from Chinatown to Orchard to do pedicure (I'd painted my toes in shocking pink) and met RY for lunch.

We ate Korean set lunch at Crystal Jade Korean restaurant in Centrepoint.
The set lunch is only $10 per pax and we get the tasty side dishes, soup, rice and fruit slices for free.
We both chose the BBQ beef set.

After lunch went to RY's office as he need to collect some material for his customers and then we proceeded home.
Suddenly I felt like cutting hair, so I aksed him to let me alight at Bt Panjang Plaza.

I chicken out when I arrive the salon doorstep as I'm not sure if I really want to cut my hair.
So I went to Harvey Norman "look see" and then went library to borrow some books.

About half hour later, I finally picked up the courage to E10 salon to ask for a hair cut and I told the hair dresser Vivien I want to cut my hair short.
She asked me twice if I'm confirmed cutting it short and I said "yes" (but before that I asked her if short hair suits me and also I wanna keep long firnge to keep hair off my face).
I sms RY that he has to be prepared to see a new me with my really short hair and he replied "looking forward to your new look".........

RY thinks I look nice in my new hair cut but my mum, sis and nephew dont seem to agree.
In fact they were shocked to see me in such a short bob hair..............

The pedicure cost me $18 and the hair cut = $34.

I also bought slices of chocolate and strawberry cakes to celebrate the "new me" with RY.
The cake is yummy ........... I look forward to a better tomorrow!

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