Sunday, September 27, 2009

Doctor's Review

Yesterday the doc informed that I'm healing well from the surgery and he asked me what do I intend to do, should I do another of IVF?
I told him I dont know and asked him to advise me since he's an expert.
He then suggested that I do a HSG test when my mens come this time and he shall review in 2 months time and decide what to do next.

During the ultra sound v-scan, he informed that I still have a fibroid in the womb but think the position is not critical to have it remove now.
RY heard him saying I've  eggs in my ovary.
The doc asked if we've been trying naturally and I told him "No and never" and he asked "why we didnt try".
It was kinda embarassing to tell the truth since RY and myseld had no mood so I told him cos I was on biz trave; (which was partly true as I was in Manila last week).

I told him I can feel the pre-menstral syndrome - the bloatedness and tireness has made me dam "sianz" ....... so I asked if I should take any medication to induce it.
Doc said no and I should continue to wait for another 2 weeks.
If mens still didnt come after 2 weeks then e-mail him for the prescription.

This doc is hardly chatty and yesterday he seemed to be in unusual good mood and he even joked with RY about the air-con drips and the 9 million TOTO (oh I didnt win anything).

I think he's a good doctor but just a really busy one who hardly time enough time to give full/ good attention to all his patients.

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