Monday, September 14, 2009

Sat 12 Sept - Gathering with Uni Friends (also ex-colleagues)

Last Sat met up with Jas & Es at Orchard Central's Heaven Loft for tea.
It's really nice meeting up with them, brought back nice memory.

I've known Jas & Es since NTU and was colleagues before we all left our first job .........

Es & myself ordered the hi-tea set at $9.80+++ and consists of choice of tea and 4 different kind of cake/ snack.
The ambience was cozy and the sweet treats was ok.
Jas & Es both like my new hair cut.

After that met RY up at Aston's for dinner.
RY and myself like to dine at Aston's since its value for money and the quality of steak is good (no service nor GST charges).

Oh, I've also spent almost $1.3k on clothes (13 pieces - is it expensive?).
I've put on so much weight during the last 2 pregnancy, I cant fit into most of my old clothes, so decided to splurge abit to get myself some nice clothes to match my new short hair.

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