Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dentist Visit

Today 10 Sept I didnt go to work as I got a seminar in town to attend.
As I've not been visiting Dentist for last 10 months, I finally decided to go to one.

I'd booked the last appointment at 5pm as I knew the seminar should end around 5pm.

In fact the seminar was still on-going when I sneaked out at 4.30pm.
Since the topic is not applicable to my daily routine, I've decided to leave so that I can be at the dentist early.

Arrive Dentist at 4.45pm, did x-ray and the doc commented that my teeth is good but need to take care as my gum is shrinking too high, so should not brush too hard.
She also did a filling on the top right molar to conceal the exposed gum - I'd sensitive gum whenever I take chilled drinks/ food.

The bill was SGD131/=, fortunately I've covered by company insurance scheme, so pocket didnt burn a hole.

I'll try to floss my teeth more often, cant be lazy .........

Actually Dentist visit is one of my fear factor, my I know I must go since dental hygiene is very important.

This female doc is nice, I like her so will definitely go to her for my next visit.

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